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April 20th, Shippensburg speedway

Heat Race,
    I started on the outside pole next to the #84.  On the start I tried to out run him into turn one, but to no avail, he snuck by and the #6 snuck under me.  We ran side by side for 6 laps, very clean racing, door to door, very equal competition.   He finaly got a good enough run coming out of turn 2 and beat me to turn 3 enough to let me tuck in behind him.  Every now and then, i'd get a nose under him but never enough to stick it in there without taking him out.  Ended up 3rd in the heat race.

    Full feild inversion (luck of the draw) once again.  I started 8th.  Everyone was flying. I made a few moves up high to get around a car wich is very uncommon at shippensburg.  The racing resembled NASCAR restrictor plate racing, swaping spots left and right, one time we were 3 wide coming out of turn 4, I was in the middle, I got thrugh that about 1/4 of the way down the straight, looked around, we were 4 wide! I knew that wouldnt work going into turn one so I backed off, and tucked in behind the #25.   In the middle of turns 3 & 4 the #25 was loose, and I barley tagged him in the quater pannel  causing him to spin, and the track saw that as me taking him out.   So I went to the rear ,11th place.  On the restart, i was behind the #25 and he was behind the #19 which it was only his 2nd race so he was falling back before the restart, well that didnt fly with us because we needed to get up there, the #25 went low, I went high, and we split the poor guy.   The 25 and I made up about a 1/2 a straight away gap on the rest of the feild in under a lap. And back to racing in the pack it was.  I made a move on the last lap following the #3 trying to pass the #22 on the last lap, the 3 went low underneith the 22 so I tucked in behind him hoping to have enough of a run to get by the 22, we crossed the start finish line side by side looking at each other, and he won by about 4 inches. We ended up 6th. This week we run at Path Valley on Friday, and Shippensburg on Saturday.



March 10th, Shippensburg Speedway

Heat Race, There was none! Luck of the draw on practice day

Feature, I started 5th behind the #22. The action is still strong even when only racing for a trophy. Going into the first turn, we were 3 wide, the #111 and I rubbed a bit, but hey that's racing. The yellow came out shortly after the race begun.  I was running in 3rd when the green came out, and as soon as I could pass the #35, the #3 slipped by me. The car was still fighting a tight condition. I was not able to get back around the #3, or even put a great deal of pressure on him for the rest of the race. A 3rd place finish in the first race of the year, not to shabby. 



October 27th, Shippensburg Speedway

Heat Race, Trying out a new setup the car was way loose.  I was running 2nd then finally I couldn't hold it anymore and around I went.  I ended up finishing 3rd in the heat.

Feature, I started 3rd into the feature and a few laps into the race the #22 and I got together and once again, around I went.  I came back up to 2nd but by that time the #3 was gone, and that's where I finished, 2nd.  The season is over and the car is already a bare frame in prep for next year.  

October 13th, Shippensburg Speedway

Heat Race, We tried different tires and boy that was a mistake! The car was the tightest it ever was and I ended up 8th. That's the chance you take with racing, sometimes what you do is wrong, sometimes what you do is right, but beleive it or not it actualy worked to our advantage finishing last.

Feature, With a whole field invert I had a pole shot, and I used it to my advantage big time.  The first few laps I couldn't shake the #25. I'd see his nose lap after lap, then finally I shook him. The car got progressively tighter. I didn't think anything of it. With 2 laps to go the car pushed big time coming out of turn 4, and the #25 and #80 freight trained on by me. Third still isn't anything to sneeze at, and ending up 4th in the overall points in my first full year of competition is really good

September 29th, Shippensburg Speedway

Heat Race, For some reason we only ran 1 heat race with 9 cars. About half way through there was contact and I went around and back to the rear. I worked my way up to the about 6th racing real hard with the #22. We ran side by side for laps and finally I got down a bit to low, put my left sides in the mud and bobbled the car and ran out of time.

Feature, I started 3rd, there was a couple restarts. When we finally got under way we were all packed together, and I got pushed into the #3 which sent him around. I was racing with the #1 car for a bunch of laps, and he just couldn't hold it on the bottom, we touched, and I went up into the marbles and fell behind the #1 and the #84. We ended up 5th, all we seem to need is a little luck, but if we didnt have bad luck right now, we wouldn't have any at all, its all part of racing.

September 28th, Path Valley Speedway

Not much excitement other than a wild ride on the first lap of the feature. The heim on the engine cradle broke letting the motor go where ever it wanted (including trying to come through the fire wall). The rear suspention was useless and I had to be towed off the track.

September 8th, Shippensburg Speedway

Heat, With a lower car count that meant only 1 heat race with 7 cars. Every thing was going good, the car was still a little tight, but we were faster than we've been in a while. Then the #25 and I got together going into 3, Then the yellow came out because the #25 stopped on the track. I knew my axle was bent and it really became apparent when I slowed down and got my brains rattled. Not wanting to start last in the feature I stayed out and ended up finishing 4th.

Feature, It was definatly going to be an exciting start with 2 rookies on the front row. The #5 had the pole and the #80 had the outside pole, behind them was me and the #3 on the outside of me. I knew I had to get around the #5 as quick as possible, going into turn 1, the #80 and the #3 were gone, the #3 got by the #80 and he was gone. I got around the #80, but to no avail. The #3 kept going and going. It was a good 3 car battle for 2nd though. I was able to keep the #59 and the #84 off my back to bring home a satisfying 2nd place finish.

September 1st, Shippensburg Speedway

Heat 1, Plenty of excitement in this heat. I started on the pole with the yellow coming out soon after the green. It took a few laps for the #59 and the #1 to get going again after ending up into the wall somehow. On the restart the #25 started beside me, we ran side by side for a bit, he finally got by me. The #59 came from the back and we ran side by side for a few laps. He eventualy got around me and I ended up finishing 3rd.

Feature, I started on the outside pole, on the outside of a new comer in the #80. I had the lead going into turn 1, but not to long after the #59 passed me for the lead, then the #84 and I ran side by side for a few laps, and I just couldn't hold on and he got by me. A lengthy caution came out, then after we got going again the #3 and I raced for a bit, but he too got by me, and I ended up 5th at the end of the night.

August 18th, Shippensburg Speedway

Feature, I started 3rd, and things got wild from the start, we went 3 wide, with the #3 on the out side and the #25 on the inside, I was getting bounced into one another, and finally I fell in behind and a few laps later I got helped out and around I went. When the green came back, after about 2 laps I started running a good line, and just as I was getting ready to work my way back up through, I heard a loud crunch and with every rev the crunch was there, I had no power and no choice but to pull in. We'll be back this week. Hopefully our luck will take a turn for the better and we'll have a good run.

July 28th, Shippensburg Speedway

Heat, with a lower car count and a few cars running late we had one heat race. The car was no good at all. I ended up 7th.

Feature, After a whole field invert, I started 2nd on the outside of the #41. I had the lead for most of the race, I could feel the #59 rubbing behind me and see his nose and door occasionally, but I continued to hold him off. Finally I slipped up after the flag man gave a warning to the #59 and I miss took it as him warning me. With 3 laps to go the #59 completed the pass and I wound up finishing a satisfying 2nd after all the trouble we had in the heat race.

July 27th, Path Valley Speedway

Heat, Finished 3rd behind #3 and #19 after an exciting heat race with 3 wide action.

Feature, I started 3rd behind the #19 after a 2 car invert. The #19 took off, and the #3 beat me out into the turn. With a few laps in the #19 wiped out and went to the rear, along with the #5 having mechanical trouble causing a long yellow. The track was rely rough so I used the caution to find the smoothest line around the track. The green dropped and the #3 took off. I was running a lower line than anyone and lap by lap I started catching the #3. I finally got by him and thought I was on my way. With about 2 laps to go the #19 came out of no where and blew by me. I ended up 2nd in our first official race at Path Valley.

July 21st, Shippensburg Speedway

Heat #2, Started 2nd, followed the #22 the whole race and finished 2nd.

Feature, I started 6th. I worked my way up to 3rd. Then I got passed by the #22 and him and the #2 got tangled up, I had no where to go and I T-Boned him dead on. After the restart I worked my way back up to about 6th, when the top 2 got tangled and the first 4-5 cars got tangled up and they spun right in front of me and once again I had no where to go and T-Boned the #2 car again. At the end of the race I ended up finishing 6th.

July 21st, Path Valley Speedway

We were able to run a heat race and a feature during what was supposed to be a practice day.

Heat race, I started 3rd behind the #25, the inside row went and I stayed behind the #25 and was in 2nd for a few laps, then worked my way around him to grab the heat race win.

Feature, I started 6th. I was running 4th for a while behind the #5 and I worked my way around him on the high side, and ended up finishing 3rd.

July 14th, Shippensburg Speedway

Heat #2, After a wise last minute decision by the track officials to run 2 heats instead of 1 heat it put me on the pole for the 2nd heat. After a slow start, I started to gain a little room on 2nd place and stayed in the lead for the whole heat race.

After the heat race, we discovered motor trouble and decided it was time to swap motors. We got every thing worked out and positioned right there wasn't much time left until my feature.

Feature, After all the major thrashing after the heat we were hoping all that hard work wouldn't go to waste. There was a whole field inversion which meant I started 8th with last weeks winner the #3 starting behind me in 10th spot. On the drop of the green the #3 got by me and I tucked in behind him. Someone drilled the #25 of Bob Spicer and there was tire smoke everywhere. He kept running and everyone was being cautious of a blown tire. I stayed running about 7th-8th position until the #25 began to slow, and about 4 or 5 cars around him slowed down to. I saw an opening on the bottom and took my chances and came out clean, the yellow flag never came out and I was now up to 4th place. I caught up and worked my way around the #2 to grab the 3rd spot. The #22 was leading with the #59 right on his tail. I caught up to them and tried to work my way around the #59 but he kept closing the door on me. Finally the #59 got below the #22 and I tucked in behind him. After that I had nothing for the #59 but the yellow came out. I got a good run on him on the high side on the restart but to no avail. Coming away with a 2nd place finish was great after all the thrashing we had to do in between the heat and feature. 

June 30th, Shippensburg Speedway

Heat #1, Started 5th. No real excitement in the heat race. Ran in 4th place for a bit then worked my way around the #25 and finished 3rd.

Feature, Starting in 11th due to my win last week, it was non-stop excitement. The whole field ran together for the first 5-6 laps and I stayed around 6th place working my way up through. I caught up to the #25 who was behind the #22, the #25 made a move around the #22 and I tried to follow but I wasn't far enough up on the #22 to hold my line, so I backed off, then a few laps later the #22 made a move under the #25 coming out of turn 2 and I tucked in behind the #22 and was right on his bumper (or into it) all the way around the #25 witch put me in 5th place. I worked my way around the #22 and the yellow came out. I was awarded with the pass during the yellow witch put me up to 4th place. I tried to work my way around the #59 but I ran out of time. I am still pleased with a 4th place especially from coming from 11th in the field.

June 23rd, Shippensburg Speedway

Heat #1, With a good pull of the pill, I started on the pole position for the first heat, right next to my team mate Sharky Morgan in the #5. I won the battle into the first turn and never looked back. Then I pulled 2 for the inversion pill which meant that I started outside pole for the feature.

Feature, I won the battle into turn 1 and took off into the lead. About 3 laps into the feature, the motor sounded a lot different, I figured it was the header and kept racing. I was not sure where the other drivers were at or how much the header was effecting the performance of the car. I led the entire race and after words, I found out that I had about a straight away lead on the 2nd place car. 

June 16th, Rain

June 9th, Shippensburg Speedway

Feature #1, Due to a 7th place finish in the heat race last week before the rains came, I started on the outside pole, next to my team mate Sharkey Morgan in the #5. I was in the lead heading into turn 1, and just about every lap I felt someone pushing me coming out of the turns. The half way flag came I was still leading and still having people push me off the turns so I knew they were right there. The 5 to go came out, I started counting the laps down. The 2 to go came out, then the white flag came out, all I could think about was not wiping out after leading 19 laps. I crossed the start finish line to get my first win. 

Heat #1, My starting position for the second feature was already set, dead last, so there was no real point in making any unnecessary risks and wound up 4th.

Feature #2, I was stuck in the back of the back for most of the race, I worked my way up to 7th with the #22 in front of me, he made a move to get by the 80 and I stayed right in behind the #22 to grab 6th place. I could not work my way around the #22 so I ended up with a 6th place finish.

June 2nd, Rain

May 26th, OFF

May 19th, Shippensburg Speedway

Hot Laps, The car was good, and was very fast.

Heat #1, We finally had some luck pulling a pill as we pulled #30. I started 2nd beside the #25. At the drop of the green I fell in line behind the #25 . He started to pull away bit by bit. At the half way mark I changed my line and it worked. I caught up to him and passed him just as we got the 2 laps to go from the flag man. I won my heat, and pulled pill #10 which meant the whole field would be inverted.

Feature, I started 9th on the inside of last weeks winner the #84. The first laps were absolute mayhem as the #41 got turned around one car ahead of me, and I narrowly missed him. I was in 5th place at the time. there were a few more cautions as I worked my way up to the 2nd place. One lap I slipped up just enough for the #3 to slip under me. He anticipated my next move and we met in turn 3 as I took a ride over the burm. The caution came out once again, and just before we went green the #3 broke his chain, which put me back into 2nd place. I just couldn't catch the #59 so I ended up in 2nd position once again.

May 12th, Shippensburg Speedway

Hot Laps, The normal no excitement in hot laps. Car felt fast.

Heat #2, The realization has hit that we have absolutely no luck pulling a pill for the heats as we pulled pill #131. That put me starting 4th in the second heat once again. When we got under way, I got hung out on the out side, I followed the #25 and passed the #2. After that we pretty much spread out and I finished 4th.

Feature, The winner of the first heat pulled pill 1 so there was no invert except for the #59 who was the previous weeks winner so instead of starting 8th, I started 6th. The green flag dropped and I went into turn 1 side by side with the #3. I got a run coming off of 2 and at the time there was plenty of room for me to fit in between the #3 and the #25, When I was up to their door's they closed the gap, and I stayed in the throttle. The #25 dropped back and I got by the #3, and was up to 4th. On the second lap the #80 got turned around and everyone avoided him, which put me in 3rd ( #19, #84, #9). After a few laps the #84 and I worked our way around the #19, but by the time I got around him the #84 was pulling away, after I got by him we stayed an even distance for the rest of the race with no chance other than a yellow to catch him. The yellow never came out, so I finished a career best 2nd place.

May 5th, Shippensburg Speedway

Hot Laps, Normal session, feel the car out, the car was good.

Heat #2, With a lower car count I started 4th, which was also last. Going into turn one I fell in behind the #25 of Bob Spicer. I worked my way up to 2nd behind the #22 of Mike Boer. He slipped up coming out of turn 2 and I pulled beside him, we were side by side many times, and I finally completed the pass. I finished 1st in my heat.

Feature, I started 6th. After a waved off green flag, we all got back in order and we were off, about 3 laps in I was the meat in a 3 wide cyclone sandwich. We went 3 wide into turn one, and in turn 2 the #41 and #25 spun out right in front of us. Some how I made it through without incident. I was running 4th when the #19 caught up to me coming out of turn 2, I let him by on the back stretch, and got him back coming out of 4, we battled for a few laps but he was just to fast to keep swapping back and fourth with. With 2 laps to go it was "One of them racin' deals" as I came out with a bent axle and pretty much both right side tires rubbing the body. I pulled in and finished 9th. 

April 28th, Shippensburg Speedway

Hot Laps, Something was defiantly wrong with the car, It was very tight.

Heat #1, I started 3rd, behind the #2 car. On the start I made a wild move to the inside, taking over the lead, but from there it was all down hill, the car was still very tight entering the turns, and the whole field eventually got by me, I caught back up to the #2 and drifted high, we tangled, and got hooked together, I broke free and finished 4th in the heat race.

Feature, I started 7th behind the #19. The field stayed pretty much grouped together, as I worked my way up to 5th place behind the #22. The #22 kept making little mistakes so I finally caught up to him and got by and that is where I finished in 4th place. So far so good this season, defiantly in the top 5 in points at this point in time.

April 21st, Shippensburg Speedway

Track was real rough all night long. Nothing all that exciting happened all night, other than the #19 of Jamie Wilson all but lapping everyone, I brought home a 5th place in the first points race.

April 14th, Shippensburg Speedway

Hot Laps, Nothing rely exciting. Car felt real fast and the setup was on the spot.

Heat #1, I started on the outside pole next to the #55 of Robby Kendal. The green dropped and I tucked in behind the #55, coming out of turn 2 I got by the #55 and never looked back.

Feature, I started 6th because of the invert. When the green dropped we went 4 wide and I kind of forced my way into 4th spot. Pretty the whole race was #3, #19, #22, #9 until something happened to the #19 of Jamie Wilson witch brought out a lengthy caution. We went back to racing and stayed in the same order. On the last lap going into turn 3 I tried way to hard for the 2nd position and the car tightened up and went towards the outside wall, I hit the wall, went up the wall, came back down the wall, and nailed the gas. Still managing to bring home a 3rd place finish, tying my all time best finish. 

April 7th, Shippensburg Speedway

Hot Laps, No real excitement until the last turn, for some reason the #2 and the #1 were going very slow, and my instinct was to slam the breaks witch I did, the car started to slide, I saved it and shot by on the outside and the checkers fell.

Heat #2, Once again I pull a pill in the triple digits and have to start in the 2nd heat. I started 4th, behind the #41 of Beanie Barns and next to the #25 of Bob Spicer. When the green dropped the #41 didn't take off and I wasn't about to rear end him. We both fell in line behind the the #25. The #41 had been having some handling problems, and I got a run on him going into 1, coming out of turn 2 he wiggled, I pulled to the inside, and the #41 saved it a little to good and we collided. Go to the picture section to see the damage from that incident. We both saved it and the yellow never came out. I was now in 3rd position. I followed the #25 for a while waiting to make my move and the opportunity came up, and I shot to the inside of him to take second. That is where I finished but when we went over the scales, the #19 of Jamie Wilson who was the 2000 series champ, came up a few pounds light, giving me the win. 

Feature, Starting on the outside pole I was "hung out to dry" and tucked into around 4th place, I worked my way up to 3rd with the car running great, but with 2 laps to go the yellow flag came out. I was pulled over to the outside of the track, wondering what was going on, the official came over and said that my header was off of the block, only being held on by the support brace. After a my crew had a few words with the track owner, they let me out, and It was off to racing we go. I was eyeing up the #25 for 2nd place when the #22 snuck under me, we were wheel to wheel for the remaining 2 laps with the #22 beating me by inches, if that.

March 31st, Shippensburg Speedway

Hot Laps, It was like any other hot laps session. Just go out get used to the car and get ready for the heat.  The car was a little lose coming off the turns and I know a few times that I almost lost it coming off of turn 2.  

Heat #2, Time to get rid of the "Winter Hands". I started 4th (behind Bob Spicer #25). When we took the green everything was fine and going down the back stretch I was able to fall into 3rd place right behind Bob with the #1 car in the lead.  It was the heat race so I had my mind set on not trying anything unnecessary, then the yellow came out. A couple laps after the green dropped again, Bob drifted high coming out of turn 2, and I took advantage and shot under him. I was by him entering turn 3, and by this time the #1 car had checked out and there was no chance of catching him and that's where I finished in the heat, 2nd.

Feature, I started 4th, behind the #1 car and beside the #22 of Mike Boer. The green flag dropped and we were off, I fell in behind Mike and the top 4 spread out for a while (#19, #1, #22, #9). Then the #41 some how ended up in the mud bringing out the caution. That brought us all back together. After the restart the top 3 took off and the #25 of Bob Spicer and I got into some pretty close racing, he would get me coming out of turn 4, and I would get him right back coming out of turn 2, plenty of side by side action. Then one lap coming out of 4, I was under the #25 and the car wiggled like it was all night but I saved it then it was a drag race down the front stretch with about 5 or so to go. In turn 2, something happened either I got into the #25 or the #25 got into me, but it was "one of them racing deals" and I ended up getting spun around. Well I went to the rear and when the green dropped, I wasn't going anywhere because I wasn't running a very good line, then with about 2 or 3 to go I started catching up but it was to late, on the last lap in between turns 3 & 4 the #55 of Robbie Kendal spun giving me a 9th place finish.

"Bug Day"

First Session, I pulled on the track as normal, wiggled the wheel a bit, tapped the breaks, and going into 3, the green came out. I nailed the throttle and all was well, the car came off of turn 4 fine, about half way down the front stretch the motor started to sputter, went into turn 1 motor was fine, came off of turn 2 fine, half way down the back stretch the motor did it again so I pulled in.

Second Session, We thought we might have fixed the problem, we didn't it was 10x worse, I had the peddle to the metal and the motor was turning 2700RPM, pulled in but never took the green, we fixed it real quick, and pulled back into the staging area, the track gave me about 5 laps by my self, the motor was running real good.

Third Session, We started playing with the setup.

Fourth - Seventh Session, We got the setup to where we felt like we had a fast car, and didn't want to take the chance of wrecking so we skipped the last few sessions.

Click on the pictures page to find some pictures of my car from bug day taken by Jason Walls.